What’s Involved In The Installation Of Ceiling Fans?

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The installation of ceiling fans is an excellent investment for any home or business – especially considering Australia’s sweltering summers! Sure, air conditioning works like a charm, but our soaring temperatures put immense pressure on these units, making them work overtime. The result? An overworked, worn air conditioner and extremely high energy bills!

Ceiling fans installation, however, cost much less to run and are just as effective on warm days. When the temperatures rise, you can have both your fans and aircon running, as the fans will take some of the pressure off your aircon (and wallet!). You must hire experienced electricians to deal with the installation of your ceiling fans, as the process is complicated. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in our process!

#1 Existing Fixture Removed

At Copper Electrical, we would first ensure the electricity to this specific circuit is cut off to ensure safety while allowing you to go about your daily life. Then, we would remove the glass shade and lighting fixture from the ceiling. Before removing it completely, we would first disconnect all the wiring carefully.

#2 Prepare Ceiling For Installation

The next step would be removing the old electrical box from your ceiling and cutting a hole in your ceiling using a drywall saw to prepare it for your fan installations. Don’t worry, though; we won’t make a mess. We will use your vacuum cleaner or suction device as we saw to catch any dust and debris that falls.

#3 Install New Electrical Box

Now, we would first feed the electrical cable through the hole we created to connect it to your new electrical box. Then, we would install the box into this hole using screws and a drill. We would then take the cable and wrap its naked copper wiring around the grounding screw within the box for added safety, letting the wire end hang down freely for the final connection.

#4 Attach The Ceiling Medallion

The next step would be using a urethane-based adhesive to glue the ceiling medallion to the new electrical box. We would pass the hanging wires through the medallion, centre it onto the box, and glue it down. For added security, it will be fastened with nails.

#5 Mount The Ceiling Plate

Now we would hold each fans’ metal ceiling plate onto the electrical box, feeding the hanging wires through its centre opening. If you’d prefer it to be painted, we would do this before fastening it with screws.

#6 Assemble Fan Components

In this step, we would feed the wires from the motor through the centre canopy and set this canopy on top of the motor. Then, the wires would be passed through the hollow down-rod pipe, which would be threaded into the top of the motor.

#7 Connect The Wires

Now for connecting the wires! The copper and insulated wiring would be connected according to your specific wiring. Then, the fan will be positioned against the medallion and secured with screws.

#8 Install Blades And Lights

Now for the final touches! Each fan blade would be attached to its corresponding blade iron and fastened to the motor with screws. The light-fixture would then be connected to the wire hanging from the fan’s motor. Finally, the plastic holder for the controls will be screwed into the wall beside the wall switch.

Now that you know what’s involved in our process for ceiling fans installation, it’s time to find experienced electricians to do the job for you – like Copper Electrical!

With years of experience and the latest equipment under our tool belt, you’ll enjoy a smooth, stress-free installation process with no mess or malfunctioning ceiling fans left behind! We will treat your home with the respect it deserves, only using the highest quality products from premium brands and staying neat and tidy.

Contact us today on 043 160 1695 to request a quote!

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