The 6 Most Important Places To Install Power Points In Your Home

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To put it simply, multiple power points are a must for today’s modern homeowner!

With a plethora of power-hungry devices to choose from, most Aussies find themselves battling for socket space to save their batteries.

Although everyone loves a bit of sibling rivalry, this puts your entire electrical system under huge stress. Worse, you run the risk of overloading your power points and sparking a fire! This is a NO-NO!

Now the real question comes in; with so many devices used in everyday life, where the hell should you install all your power points?

According to our experts, these are the six most important places for you about power points installation:

#1 Bathroom

Today, Aussies are using every grooming tool on the market, from electric shavers to toothbrushes, hairdryers, straighteners, and more.

The best possible spot to charge and power them would be inside your bathroom cupboard to combat the chaos of so many wires.

Otherwise, beside your bathroom sink will do – just make sure there’s space to keep it well away from water!

If you’re unsure about placing your power points away from water, yet where they’re still easily reachable, give our specialists a call at Copper Electrical. They’ll help you enjoy the ultimate modern convenience – safely.

#2 Bedroom

Whether you read books in bed, Netflix and chill, or wake up early with a shrieking alarm clock, you’ll definitely need power points beside your bed.

To avoid a mess of wires, consider placing them behind your bedside table or headboard where they’re easy to reach.

Better yet, get USB sockets installed!

And don’t forget one or two power points in each corner of your room for vacuuming and grooming.

#3 Lounge

To power up your home theatre system, consoles, speakers, lights, vacuums, and more, you will need power points installed in your lounge.

In fact, double power points will probably be best!

For movable items like lights, vacuums, and phones, you should install them next to or behind your couches for convenience.

And when it comes to your TV and consoles, place them behind the cupboard or stand. You can use cable covers and sleeves to organise and neaten up the visible wires!

#4 Kitchen

In this case, less is not more.

Why? Because some large, stationery appliances need dedicated power points too! Think coffee machines, fridges, and ovens.

You’ll need to think strategically for the rest.

Plan your kitchen’s layout in your head to see where you can install them for convenient cooking – like a power point for your kettle and toaster.

Remember, in the heat of cooking you’ll likely use many at once, so you may need to install one or two under your island bench or inside cabinets.

This will need a lot of planning and foresight to make sure that your power points are placed strategically. After years of planning kitchen power point layouts, Copper Electrical’s technicians can easily help you create a safe, convenient cooking space!

#5 Work Spaces

Whether you have a home office or like to clock in extra hours on the couch, make sure to provide power points where you work!

This could be the kitchen counter or even outside – which brings me to my next point.

#6 Backyard

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting clothes-lined by an extension cord running outside through your window!

For convenience (and safety), you should install outdoor power points.

From fairy lights to electric grills, speakers, and more, you’ll need at least one or two installed in your patio outside out of sight.

Now that you know precisely where power points are best placed, it’s time to find a professional electrician to install them.

Introducing Copper Electrical, one of Central Coast’s leading specialists!

We’re highly experienced in all power points installation, from general to outdoor, USB, and beyond! With our customer-first focus and expertise, you’ll enjoy all the modern comforts power points have to offer.

Contact us today; we’d be delighted to power up your home!

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