Total Residential Protection: Safety Switch Installation For A Safer Space

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We all know that electrical safety is paramount. However, how safe is too safe? No matter the property, whether commercial or residential, is your property fully protected? Do your safety switches make for the best safety level?

When it comes to safety switch installation for a safer space, it’s important never to think that one safety switch is enough or that your existing ones promise failure-free futures. Full protection comes from full awareness of how many switches are needed and for what circuits.

Here’s your quick two-minute guide on thorough safety switch installations for a safer space!

One Switch Is Not Enough To Create Electrically Secure And Safe Environments 

To ensure your property is fully protected, it’s time to consider the following:

  1. Do all your power circuits within the property have a safety switch?
  2. Do all your lighting circuits have a safety switch?
  3. Do all sub-circuits boast a safety switch?
  4. Do all fixed electrical equipment, like water heaters and air-conditioners, have safety switches installed?
  5. Are all the safety switches in your property operating at their best, with no malfunctions?
  6. Have you checked the condition of all the electrical safety switches on singular PowerPoint units in your home?
  7. Have you checked the working order of all electrical safety switches on main switchboard units?
  8. Have you checked the condition of all the electrical safety switches on the portable unit?
  9. Are your safety switches old and outdated?
  10. Have you added more electrical appliances in your home?
  11. Have your electrical bills been skyrocketing at home?

Following these considerations and finding any problems in your answers means you desperately need safety switch installations, repairs, upgrades or safety inspections within your property. And without delay! Furthermore, if you think you’re safe, think again and check that you’re not mistaking circuit breakers for safety switches – a common mistake among homeowners.

Are You Mistaking Circuit Breakers For Safety Switches? 

Incorrectly thinking that your circuit breakers are safety switches is a quick way to disastrous problems. While found throughout the home, circuit breakers are not safety switches so it’s important to know the difference and how to tell them apart.

While having circuit breakers in your property, this only provides protection to wiring and appliances. Safety switches protect home dwellers. To be safe, ensure your property boasts proper electrical safety by possessing both safety switches and circuit breakers.

In most cases, your safety switches and circuit breakers will have been labelled by the electrician who installed them. Otherwise, you should look for switches that are labelled with a “T” or “Test Button,” as these are safety switches.

If you’re unsure, you’ll need to call in a professional electrician who specialises in home electrical safety inspection, safety switch installations and upgrades, repairs, and maintenance, like those at Copper Electrical!

We perform the checks and double-checks so that you don’t have to. With us, you’ll enjoy the protection and peace of mind for years to come! For a safety inspection and subsequent services, book an appointment with Copper Electrical today.

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