Tips For Choosing Ceiling Fan Installation And Landscape Lighting Services

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When it comes to outdoor ceiling fan installations and landscape lighting services, there are many tips to take on board. From tips to choosing the right outdoor ceiling fan for outdoor structures to tips on choosing the best installer and provider of outdoor electrical services. You’ve heard them all, or at least read about them online. However, at Copper Electrical, we’ve got the best tip of all.

Our top tip: When choosing a ceiling fan installation and landscape lighting services, make sure your choice is part of a holistic landscape lighting plan. Think of each entity within an overall design. While ceiling fan installations can be considered a separate service to landscape lighting services, they can actually be thought of as a powerful combination service if thinking out-of-the-box.

Choosing to install an outdoor ceiling fan in combination with specific landscape lighting services can change your exterior spaces in more ways than you think.

Summer Brings Outdoor Living To Homeowners, Even At Night

With beautiful summers hitting Australia, scorching temperatures may affect outdoor living and activities during the day. However, this summer, locals are set to take to outdoor fun and relaxation during the night. And to do this, outdoor lighting is a must.

Landscape lighting and ceiling fans with lights add to the star-lit atmosphere, creating an inviting and chill-worthy ambience during those balmy summer nights. When installed with aesthetics in mind, landscape lighting can also highlight the textures and colours of your flowers, foliage, statues, and feature pieces.

Landscape lighting also increases property value, as it boosts outdoor security too by eliminating hiding places and warding off unwanted guests. This is especially true when you choose spotlights in addition to aesthetic lighting.

Before Actually Installing Outdoor Ceiling Fans, Consider Fan And Landscape Lighting Design

Landscaping lighting is more than just purchasing a light and popping it wherever. And if you’re adding a ceiling fan into the mix, it definitely requires more thought. For a beautiful, well-lit outdoor space, lighting layout design must include ceiling fan lighting and landscape lighting – and how they work together. For those with no landscape lighting or ceiling fan, starting off on a clean design slate is best.

First off, consider where your lit ceiling fan will go. Is it by the patio on the roof of a covered structure like a courtyardl within your outdoor space? Once the perfect place has been decided, consider how the light from the ceiling fan illuminates the nearby surrounds. Considered task lighting, ceiling fan lighting works well as the main source of illumination – especially if it has an interesting shade that throws unique shadows. Then, consider landscape lighting for either ambient or accent lighting. Outdoors, under the night skies, are always enjoyed with ambient lighting and accent lighting strategically placed around the landscape. Hanging lights, post lights, string lights, and wall lights, as well as spotlights, can accentuate your landscape if placed in complementary locations according to the ceiling fan light.

Following the later considerations, the ceiling fan and its lights become the focal point. Then ambience is added alongside natural accentuations with different outdoor lights positioned according to the ceiling fan. This choice of lighting and its placement is effective in translating the language of lighting and expressing your taste and desires for your outdoor space.

Let us at Copper Electrical help you get the best out of your outdoor space, and make it an exterior living space that’ll not only light up the outdoor area but your lifestyle as well!

Our comprehensive lighting layout design will see ceiling fan installations and landscape lighting services work in harmony. Contact us for a non-obligatory quote now!

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