What Happens When Multiple WIFI Boosters in Your Home

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With the whole world at home and online since the COVID-19 crisis, our everyday connectivity needs have evolved with the virus.

The longer we stay inside, the more accustomed we become to a lifestyle of online shopping, socialising, exercising, working, and learning.

The only problem is – having a WiFi connection that supports it!

That’s where WiFi boosters come in. Here’s how they can help:

#1 Working WiFi In Every Room

Ever wondered why some rooms or spots just don’t get WiFi no matter how high you hold your phone? Well, there’s a couple of inconvenient reasons for that.

In some cases, your WiFi router’s range isn’t wide enough to reach the furthest rooms (or your home is too large). In other cases, objects and architecture can interfere.

From solid concrete walls and floors to electrical devices, metal appliances, mirrors, and even fish tanks, a lot can get in the way of your WiFi!

With multiple WiFi boosters in home, dead spots will be a distant memory! They will extend your router’s range and fill in the disrupted coverage – even outside.

This is a must for large modern homes with WiFi needs for multiple rooms.

#2 Fast WiFi For Everyone

There’s nothing more annoying than moving from room to room to get working WiFi.

The kids have to stream videos in your room. You have an urgent email to send in bed, but have to traipse downstairs for fast signal to do so.

While some homeowners just live with it, it’s just not worth it considering the prices you pay to enjoy working WiFi!

Why suffer through slow WiFi in certain rooms when multiple WiFi boosters offer an instant, affordable fix?

Once installed, you’ll enjoy an immediately noticeable boost in performance and speed (and the ability to enjoy it in any room)!

#3 The Fastest Possible WiFi

Multiple WiFi boosters can do wonders for the overall speed of your internet too!

Forget replacing your router (and probably needing boosters anyway); you can use multiple boosters to upgrade your router to the latest WiFi technology and ensure that it reaches every room.

To top it off, some of these boosters can add new features to your WiFi network. With their advanced tech, you can enjoy increased efficiency that allows for more devices and traffic!

Pro tip: keep an eye out for features like dual-band WiFi, Multi-User MIMO, and companion apps.

Now that you know why you need multiple WiFi boosters in your home, where do you get them?

At Copper Electrical, we exclusively install the highest quality WiFi boosters for home from leading brands. With us, you’ll enjoy lightning-fast internet at shockingly low prices.

Contact us today to keep slow internet at bay!

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