Residential Vs Commercial Electricians: What is the Difference?

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Most residential and commercial properties have electrical wiring installed to ensure that space is wired to bring power for different functions and operations. Just like any other system, the electrical system of any space is complicated and can experience faults. In times like these, you need to call a professional electrician. 

Now, you might think whom should you call, residential electrician Central Coast or commercial electrician? Aren’t these electricians the same? Can I just call a commercial electrician for home electrical repairs and vice versa?

Inquisitive individuals like you will certainly have such questions. And in this blog post, we will answer such questions for you. Keep reading to find out. 

Whom to call: residential electricians or commercial electricians?

Yes, there is a difference between residential and commercial electricians. And it all has to do with the type of wiring and power levels in these spaces. 

Residential electrical wiring is usually situated in hidden places to keep it out of the way. The wires have protective sheaths to prevent electrical shocks. Also, the power levels in the residential building are a single-phase or two-phase power level. The building will either have one neutral wire with two 120V phases or two 240V phases that ensure you can run high-voltage appliances like air conditioners. 

Commercial wiring is more complicated as compared to residential wiring. The wiring has a thicker and robust protective covering. This protective covering is heat and chemical-resistant. This ensures that the wires are protected from any spills from corrosive material preventing major industrial hazards. Also, commercial spaces have three-phase power levels, two low voltage power levels, and one high voltage power level. 

Moreover, the codes and regulations for electrical wiring in residential and commercial places differ. The wiring must meet these standards to ensure the safety of personnel. Therefore, residential and commercial electrician Central Coast is different and must be called based on the requirement. 

Both the electricians receive training to provide efficient electrical services respectively. But most of all, the experience of the electrician is of the utmost importance. And at Copper Electrical, we have extensive experience in providing residential and commercial electrical services.

We are based in New South Wales and deliver the highest quality of electrical services to residential and commercial buildings. Our team of professional electricians is qualified and equipped with the latest tools and equipment to provide top-notch services in the region. 

You can get in touch with us for electrical services like smart home electrical, installation and repairs, lighting electrical wiring, and more. With our excellent Central Coast power services, you can rest assured that your home or business electrical wiring is always in its best shape. 

Get in touch with us now to know more.

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