Our Expert Electricians’ Top 3 General Lighting Tips To Help Your Home Shine

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Whether you’re remodelling or bring your dream home into reality, the design and layout of your general lighting services should be on the top of your priority list!

General, or ambient, lighting does more than simply illuminate your home. When done right, it can create and transform the atmosphere of any room.

From romantic to inviting, practical, and more, the possibilities are endless when you know what you’re doing.

That’s why our expert electricians have listed their top three general lighting tips to help your home shine!

#1 Make Use Of Mother Nature

It could come as a surprise, but the best general lighting is natural lighting!

It’s available on-tap during the day, lighting up your rooms with soft, yet illuminating light – if you have enough large windows to allow it to shine in.

If your rooms look gloomy during the day, try to leverage the little natural light it gets with reflective surfaces.

Sure, more windows will help too. But, by placing mirrors on opposite walls to your windows, you can reflect this light and enhance its effect across your spaces!

#2 Set The Mood With Dimmers

In general, most rooms have multiple uses. Kitchens double up as offices and living rooms allow for movie nights and dinner parties.

So, your lighting choices should reflect this!

By installing dimmer switches, you can set the mood for any occasion with the flip, or dim, of a switch! You can revel in the romance with dim, intimate lighting or amp up the energy with bright, practical lighting for work.

And the best part?

Dim lighting is also a great way to cut down on costs. When a room isn’t in use, you can lower the lighting or turn it off completely, depending on your needs.

Dimmer switches really are a modern miracle, but should be placed in the right spaces to maximise your investment! Contact Copper Electrical’s technicians for advice on the type and placement of dimmer switches.

#4 Get Tactical With Temperature

The secret to choosing between warm or cool lighting is simple – there is no secret!

They don’t compete, they compliment.

Warm lighting offers a soft, comforting, and inviting atmosphere. It’s easy on the eyes, softens skin tones, and reduces imperfections.

You’ll want to invite guests to make themselves at home with warm lighting in your entries, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Cool lighting is more luminous, producing bright light that preserves the real colours of your spaces.

You’ll want to have cool lighting in busy areas where you need it – think art displays, kitchens, garages, and walk-in wardrobes.

With these tips, you’ll never be left in the dark! But, you’ll need a strategic lighting layout designed first.

That’s where Copper Electrical’s expert electricians come in.

With thorough training and years of experience under our toolbelt, you’ll enjoy the latest general lighting services and tactical, yet tasteful, lighting layouts that exceed your expectations – not your budget!

Visit our website to see how we can light up your home.

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