Illuminating Ideas To Brighten Up Your Outdoor Lighting

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With summer starting to blossom, homeowners across Australia are looking for ways to light up their landscape and enjoy their garden no matter the time.

From playing with your pergola to brightening up ornamental features, there are many modern methods for accentuating your outdoor lighting!

To help get the creative juices flowing, here are some bright ideas for better outdoor lighting services.

Get Creative With Temperature

Homeowners are often faced with the choice of warm or cool lighting. But, what if I told you there was no choice?

Where warm light doesn’t work, cool light shines – and vice versa!

Take advantage of the soft, comforting, inviting atmosphere created by warm light bulbs to draw guests in by installing them above your entrance. Use it to create fiery hues on warm coloured plants or around a fire pit.

Use bright, sharp cool lighting, and its ability to leave colours untainted, to illuminate water features, brighten up your BBQ area, showcase statues, or light up the true colours of flowery foliage!

Spot Lighting

Otherwise known as ‘up-lighting,’ this tactic shines narrow light beams upwards to highlight plants, trees, sculptures, and ornaments.

By placing this landscape lighting at the foot of trees and statement pieces, you create contrasting shadows, accentuate texture, and make them look more statuesque!

Try to use smaller light features, or even invisible ones placed inside of rocks. This adds a mystical, magical element to your garden.

Pro tip: To avoid tripping hazards, consider placing them below ground level.

Security Lighting

Your security lighting is essential for any outdoor space! Not only does it bring the brightest backyard lighting, but it also offers priceless peace of mind.

By installing floodlights with motion-sensors high up on eaves, above your garage, or just below your balcony, you can shine wide beams onto your walkways, entrances, and garden.

This prevents prowlers and destructive pests from lurking around. It implies that someone’s home, eliminates hiding spots, and exposes those that dare to enter!

String Lights

String lights are a soft, low-voltage way to personalise your backyard and create a relaxed, intimate atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!

You can hang them through tree branches to add a magical element to entertaining. Or, you could hang them around your chill area to highlight where the action is.

Better yet, weave them through your pergola to create the illusion of stars over your table. If your pergola roof has vines, use globe bulb string lights and let each bulb peak through the foliage at different levels!

Pro tip: To avoid electrocution and running trip-worthy extension cords across your garden, install outdoor power points and opt for waterproof string lights.

Now that you’ve got some ideas to work with, your next step is finding a local sparky to bring them to life!

Enter Copper Electrical, stage left.

As one of Central Coast’s leading lighting specialists, we’ll transform your outdoor space into your personal paradise. Using only the highest quality lighting, you’ll enjoy an ambient, illuminated space for years to come!

Contact us for outdoor lightning services today; we’d be delighted to light up your landscape.

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